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I’m not sure what’s wrong, but with your input,
$trash = join(»
«, map join(«$_», @trash), split(»
«, $trash));

is returning:
$trash = load(‘RAPPAPORT.pdf’);
$trash = @trash;
$trash = join(»
«, map join(«$_», @trash), split(»
«, $trash));
$trash =~ s/^\|

From perldoc:

If @EXPR is an array reference, then each element in @EXPR is spliced into the scalar. @EXPR is then flattened into a single string.
If @EXPR is an array containing a list of scalar references, then each scalar in the list is spliced into the scalar, flattening the list.

So, $trash is the flattened contents of @trash (which is an array of files in your case), not the actual contents of @trash. You need to ask for:

Like this:
$trash = join(»
«, map join(«$_», @trash), split(»
«, $trash));

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