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WinMTPFS was developed to allow MTP devices (such as the Creative Zen or Microsoft Zune) to be accessed as a standard filesystem. This allows files on the device to be accessed from any application. The file system can be mounted and assigned a drive letter.


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WinMTPFS is free software that adds support for creative devices to the standard
Windows file system.
What is WinMTPFS?
WinMTPFS is a protocol used by the Creative Zen and Zen Vision series of MP3 players and the Microsoft Zune. The protocol is similar to MTP but more modern and widely supported.
Creating WinMTPFS devices is easy. Just start Windows Explorer and type:
Or copy and paste this into the Command Prompt for the drive you wish to use:
mkfs.fat -v -v -v -n winmtpfs
Enter your password when prompted and enter the volume letter. For example, the volume letter for my Samsung MP3 player is K. So the command would be:
mkfs.fat -v -v -v -v -n winmtpfs
mkfs.fat -v -v -v -v
Entering the volume letter is the only required action, all other options are optional. I do not need to enter options when my Samsung MP3 player is using the K volume letter. The -n option (with the volume letter) is the label of the volume letter that I have selected. The volume letters are: A..Z and K.
Mounting the device
The device can be mounted and accessed as a normal drive (e.g. F:). After the device is mounted, you will be asked to assign a drive letter (e.g. F:). Simply choose a drive letter.
When the drive letter is chosen, the device will be mapped to a new folder on the computer. If you are accessing the volume letter using an automounted application, like Windows Explorer, you will not have to select the drive letter at all. The device is already mapped to the chosen folder.
The device can be mounted at any time. You can unmount the device at any time. The only time you need to unmount the device is if it gets removed from the computer. If the device is open and connected to the computer when the computer shuts down, it will be automatically unmounted. There is no need to remove the device.Venous thromboembolism in Western Australia: incidence, case fatality and management of hospital-acquired and community-acquired episodes.
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WinMTPFS allows you to access MTP devices (such as the Creative Zen or Microsoft Zune) in Windows. By writing the layout of the MTP device to a USB storage device, you can use the MTP device as a block device (hard drive, flash drive, etc)…. More details

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WinMTPFS Download

WinMTPFS is an extensible, higher-level device driver for Microsoft Windows. It enables access to MTP devices (Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen, etc.) as a standard filesystem, allowing files to be manipulated from any application, not just those explicitly built for MTP filesystems.


File access
The WinMTPFS driver allows files on the MTP device to be accessed from any application on the system. Applications such as QuickLook will show thumbnail views of the files on the MTP device. The file system can be mounted and assigned a drive letter.

Drive letter assignment
The file system can be mounted at a drive letter, making it part of the Windows filesystem.


Support requirements

WinMTPFS requires that the MTP device on your computer is detected as a mass storage device. In Vista, WinMTPFS needs Microsoft Zune Software 9.0 or later.

This device driver was developed with support from Microsoft.


This driver supports WinMTPFS as of 2007-06-24. This is current version. Please refer to driver release note.

This driver supports WinMTPFS as of 2008-12-15. This is current version. Please refer to driver release note.

This driver supports WinMTPFS as of 2011-01-07. This is current version. Please refer to driver release note.

This driver supports WinMTPFS as of 2007-08-05. This is current version. Please refer to driver release note.

This driver supports WinMTPFS as of 2001-06-01. This is current version. Please refer to driver release note.

This driver supports WinMTPFS as of 2006-04-21. This is current version. Please refer to driver release note.


Higher-level API
Allows applications to manipulate the files on an MTP device as if they were on the Windows file system.

Mount and unmount
Mounts the file system to the Windows filesystem. In WinMTPFS, a drive letter can be associated with the filesystem, and with the MTP device when it is mounted.

Drive letter assignment
The file system can be

What’s New In?

WinMTPFS is a free third-party MTP file system plugin for Windows based on the file system of the MTP devices.
Feature List:
Support for all MTP devices
Support for MTP v1.0 and MTP v1.1
Export media playlists
Import media playlists
Create/edit/open MTP files
Mount the MTP file system
Assign a drive letter
Support for drag and drop
Comes in 4 different flavours
Suport Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
Programming Languages:
C + C#
Feature/Limitation Support:

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