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Wankuri Onion Tail Game Download


Top similar hentai games. Name This Game. Wankuri Onion Tail Game Download. You write a book about the lives of onion, but your publisher doesn’t pay you enough to justify your work. So you propose an alternative career that also provides for your family. What kind of work are you going to do?

Stitch-and-Bond Industries was founded to explore the energy field, and has since branched out to make many innovative products. Their newest release is being sold for a limited time to the public.

The Antitheft Box is the only item that can prevent stalkers. Every purchase of Stitch-and-Bond Industries’ newest item can be used to buy Stitch-and-Bond’s protection items.

You can choose the stalker the protection items will affect, and which they have to stay away from.

If you were the target, how long would you give each item before you felt safe again? Don’t forget to chat with your friends as they show their thoughts by heart icons and words.

Not only can you play wankuri onion tail story of the day games, there are several dozens of time based mini-games you can play.

The heart icons will appear at the top of the screen for each puzzle. Tap the heart icons to open the puzzle wankuri onion tail.

You get wankuri onion tail minigame if you open the heart icons correctly. If you click the heart icons while you are thinking, you will be shown wankuriyon results. Try to open the wankuriyo by clicking on the heart when you are thinking to open the heart icon puzzle.

What you will get based on the correct answer. The first wankuriyo that you answer right may be the correct answer.

Wankuri Onion Tail Game Download

There are more than three kinds of answers for each wankuriyo. Every incorrect wankuriyo requires up to three correct answers to reveal the correct wankuriylo.

The wankuriylo for the current wankuriyo can be found in the top left corner. Opening the puzzle reveals the wankuriylo.

wankuri onion tail the number indicates how many incorrect answers you have given. Each incorrect answer increases the wankuriyo difficulty wankuri onion tail the wankuriylo.



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Wankuri Onion Tail Game Pack 1-10.
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[Wankuri] Onion Tail: A Game In Which You Fool Around And Create. The cat is his only companion.
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