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Download and Install the file tal bassline 101 serial number to your desktopThe Physiology and Physiotherapy of work

Over 25 years since Tom Foster, author of The Book of Work, first introduced the concept of work physiology, little has changed. In that time the science of exercise physiology has seen enormous progress, but continues to fall short of the goals. The need is for greater integration of the physiological principles that form the basis for exercise science, and for this to become a mainstream part of physiotherapy. This is our goal.

Physical activity / activity physiology.

Firstly, what is work?

Work is a series of actions that require the application of force against either a person or some other object.

The actions of work are classified as physical work, cerebral work, and psychological work.

Physical work is the work performed against a person or in opposition to their physical power. The most important examples of physical work are walking and lifting objects.

Cerebral work is the work performed against the mind. The main types of cognitive work are working memory, planning, and attention.

Psychological work is the work performed against a person’s emotional state or personality. Examples include talking, influencing or dealing with people, and working.

The three types of work are associated with one another in various ways. Physical work usually involves physical force, psychological work involves reasoning, and cerebral work requires the manipulation of cognitive processes. The type of work performed relates to the type of physiological response a person’s body has to undertake to compensate for the work.

Movement in terms of work

There are four groups of work as defined by movement types.

Manual work

Mechanical work

The four groups of work can be understood as follows;

Physical work – manual work,

Cerebral work – motor skills,

Psychological work – mental activities,

Cerebral and physical work – spatial/motor skills.

It is the degree of cerebral work which makes the distinction between different types of physical work. Manual work requires the involvement of the physical structures, whereas mental work does not require the physical structures.

Looking at the four groups of work, it can be seen how physical work relates to the body’s response to a work task. This effect is described as a movement work response. It is the degree of cerebral work

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