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Lara Rios (San José, 9 de abril de 1934) es el seudónimo literario de Marilyn Echeverría Zücher, escritora de Costa Rica de libros para niños.

While the characters might seem childlike in some ways, they also grow up, and have real problems and issues, to which, we know, they must some day be.. Pantalones Cortos (Torre de Papel) (Torre de Papel) (Spanish Edition)
Maud Catherine Carter died. What did these remembrances say about María Pantalones, and what did they leave unsaid?
Sep 13, 2018
The inimitable Maud. What did these remembrances say about María Pantalones, and what did they leave unsaid?
by Simon Kelly
2019David B. Forrester

David B. Forrester was an American lawyer. He served as Judge Advocate General of the United States Navy from May 25, 1917, to September 30, 1920.

He was born on November 11, 1870 in Licking County, Ohio and graduated from Denison University, where he received the degree of LL.B., and from the George Washington University Law School. In 1896, he enlisted in the United States Navy and served with the Fourth Fleet in the Spanish–American War.

In 1898, he was the Captain of the American force of the Spanish–American War.

He served as a Judge Advocate General of the Navy from May 25, 1917, to September 30, 1920, and was promoted to Vice Admiral on March 30, 1921. He died on November 5, 1940, in Washington, D.C.


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