Creating an application is hard work especially if your app reaches a certain degree of complexity. A big issue in developing apps is to write them in such a way that they don’t use more memory than they need. In this sense, you have to figure out how each object uses the available memory.
MemPro is a Windows application profiler that can profile all applications with compatible PDB files.
The application uses a transmission control protocol to connect to the targeted app to record information on the memory state. But in order to do so, you first need to compile the application against the MemProLib code by adding some lines to the source code.
Viewing the allocated memory is a four step task. You first need to compile the application using MemProLib, connect to the app, take a snapshot and then open it to view the how memory is distributed.
The application also displays a comprehensive interface that makes it easy to use and navigate. It provides you with buttons that you can use to quickly connect to the application, launch it, take a snapshot and access MemPro settings.
A snapshot contains the state of all the pages found inside the process, information about how much memory is allocated and the allocations that are currently active. The application can also create a full snapshot, that provides you with the content of the entire process memory.
For the snapshots, you get to use different views such as Call Tree, Memory, Functions, Types and Leaks. The Call Tree view displays the place in your application where memory is allocated, while the Functions one breaks it down according to function.
With the above to consider and much more to discover, MemPro is by all means a reliable tool that you can use in the development of your applications, ensuring that they work efficiently.







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MemPro is an application that helps developers reduce memory usage by allocating only the amount of memory that they need. It helps to allocate the right amount of memory for large Windows applications and ensure that their programs do not use excessive memory and leave memory unused. MemPro supports 64-bit Windows applications and allows memory allocation to be specified in MB or GB. MemPro can also be used to back up apps during development. It provides a full view of the memory allocations, processes a trace of the memory and generates a report describing the allocations to developers.

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MemPro It’s Safe to Delete the Version you already Installed and then if you downloaded it would be a great thing to always back up your software and once you are confident with what you’re doing uninstall all previous version and keep the latest one. You can also buy it on its site.

Running on my S-910 (pentium_4_512m) the app works great. I had a similar issue with the app. I was allocating 30,000 memory for debugging and after a while the app would slow down and stop responding. But the app still worked, the only change I did was that I turned off the «page file allocation» option (cpu index is 3 in my case). I solved the problem by changing the code and setting the page file option back to default. Hope it helps. If I see a way to improve the app or features, I will be able to incorporate to the app.

It sounds like something weird is happening with the App. If you can post a screenshot of the problem, and also the version number of the program, then we can narrow it down. I will add this to the support forum so that we can investigate the problem. Thanks!

I just wanted to give a thumbs up for the reliability of this program, and I also downloaded it as it was advertised in the title. Thanks so much for offering a great program, it is easy to use, yet still sophisticated enough for complex analysis. I will probably end up purchasing this program, as I don’t seem to find a better app (that I know of) that does this. Thanks again, and I look forward to using Mempro for many years to come.

It’s a great tool with very good controls. The thing is that sometimes the task of unpacking the previous

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Memory Profiler is a windows-based application that can profile the state of your apps’ memory. It has a simple interface, but it provides you with a lot of useful features that allow you to analyze your apps’ memory. You have to first install the MS Visual C++ Redistributable package (7.1) and then install the MemPro Product Key. The next step is to open the MemPro. You will be able to see an interface that allows you to launch your application, take a snapshot and view the memory in different ways. So, let’s take a look at how this application works.
The first thing you will have to do is to compile your application using the Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable Package (7.1). To do this, you will have to be in the main directory of the executable file.
You then need to add the necessary lines to your source code, that will enable MemPro to perform its tasks:
The package you installed contains a C++ project file called Mempro.vcproj. Double-click it to open it and then fill in the following text:
With the above done, you need to double-click the MemPro1 project to compile it. It will compile your entire application code and that of its dependencies.
The next step is to connect to the running application. In order to do this, you need to go to the connection tab and select “Configuration” on the first page and then double-click the “Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Tasks” task. This step will allow you to navigate to your application and connect to it.
After that, you can click on the “Profile” button on the first tab to launch the application in memory profiler. A main window will appear, allowing you to launch your application and take a snapshot of it.
When the snapshot is taken, you will be presented with two tabs on which you can see the snapshot. If you click on the “Open Snapshot” button on the first tab, you will be able to view the allocated memory of the application in a tree view.
From there, you can select the desired view and click the “Select” button. The result will be displayed on the second tab. If you need to view a certain part of the memory, you can filter it by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the second tab.
You can also go back to the “Memory” tab and

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MemPro is a memory profiler that allows you to examine and analyze the application memory. The application uses a transmission control protocol to connect to the target app to record information on the memory state.
MemPro allows you to easily take snapshots of all processes in your computer. In order to create a snapshot, you simply have to compile the app against the MemProLib code. The following are some of the options provided by MemPro.
Memory Leaks – Unlike other memory tools such as the MemStick, MemPro displays memory leaks in your application. You can also take snapshots of your application and analyze it later.
Call Tree – For developers, it is important to record which function or method is taking up more memory, and MemPro allows you to do that as well as analyze the results.
Functions – You can easily determine which function or method is consuming more or less memory by taking a snapshot.
Types – There are two types of data, regular and dynamic type. Identifying the types of data allocated by an application saves you a lot of time and allows you to understand what’s going on in your application.
Instruments – The application has a built-in trace tool that allows you to collect information and analyze it later. You can also create snapshots or view the ones that are already generated.
You can also take a snapshot of the application as it runs in the memory. This information is valuable in several ways. You can compare different instances to determine if they are different or close or if the application is broken. It also makes it easy to track down memory allocation problems or leaks.
Auto Snapshot – This allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your application after running it for a given amount of time.
Automatic Mode – The app automatically takes a snapshot after the given amount of time has elapsed.
Snapshot Search – Using this feature, you can find out whether a particular Snapshot was taken of a particular application.
Task Manager Support – This tool allows you to see what each process is doing. You can also see the resources it is using. You can even terminate each process individually.
Auto Loader – The application supports loading the Snapshots that were taken by MemPro at a later time.
Custom Memory Debugger – You can debug the entire process memory and even any Object allocated.
C/C++ Builder Support – The application is fully compatible with C/C++ Builder projects as well as C/C++.
Compatibility – The application

What’s New in the?

MemPro is a professional tool to monitor application memory allocation and analyze its usage. MemPro is a real time profiler, that shows you how memory is allocated. MemPro is a Windows application.
MemPro gathers information on the global and local page and can save the memory allocation of the process, its calls and its functions. It also gives you information on the number of current memory allocations on the heap.
MemPro allows you to easily analyze memory usage by function or class. With the Call Tree view, you can quickly explore memory allocations for the given process. It also makes it easy to perform a full snapshot of the process. You can then use the Memory view to explore the allocations of the different types, such as the Global Heap, the Local Heap and the Stack. You can also analyze the contents of the allocated memory.
MemPro Benefits:
MemPro allows you to quickly investigate how memory is allocated on the heap. If you are running on a processor with a large amount of cache, it can be a pain, for instance, to get an accurate view of the cache memory usage.
MemPro allows you to see how memory is allocated for the different types, such as the Heap, Stack, and the list of locations.
When you launch MemPro, a snapshot is taken of the global memory allocation. This helps analyze the memory usage of the application during its execution, using a function or area tree, which provides you with a graphical representation of the allocation of global and local memory.
MemPro allows you to easily inspect current memory allocation through detailed reports, including the allocation by method, list of the allocated objects, count of objects, usage by address or object.
MemPro can be used by a programmer and by a system administrator. A system administrator can use MemPro to control and block the memory allocations on his or her server. Programmers can use MemPro to find memory leaks in their application.
The application allows you to analyze the memory usage of the different elements such as the stacks or the local memory. It can also save the allocation for a given function or an entire class. You can then analyze the allocation of global and local memory. The application is very useful to analyze the memory usage of a.NET application with or without debugging. You can also analyze the memory usage by function or by class.
MemPro Tool Requirements:
You will need Microsoft Visual Studio.NET to be able to compile and debug the code.
The application includes the.NET Framework 2

System Requirements For MemPro:

Please note that each board is rated separately.
Get a motherboard which fits your needs.
For the boards below, their performance has been calculated to represent the highest possible performance, ie highest possible OC performance with the best cooling and maximum stability.
Motherboards with an overclockable CPU are not listed here.
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Intel 4th generation Core series
Celeron E series
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