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You are always going to get a single instance of new HttpClient when it is used in a single thread (as you are currently doing). There is no way to get multiple HttpClients in parallel. If you want to be able to have multiple threads access the service, you will need to make the service singleton by sharing a single instance of a HttpClient across all threads.
Of course, this only really is a potential issue if you are using HTTP in a multithreaded fashion. The service currently only supports HTTP get requests, so you can only really use it for requesting data using GET.

are specific for GFAP and vimentin, respectively.


In this study, we demonstrate that it is possible to isolate a viable population of somatogenic stem/progenitor cells from human fetal brain tissue *in vitro*. These cells have the capacity to be expanded and differentiate into neural cells and astrocytes. The development of methods to obtain these cells requires a greater understanding of the interaction between the nervous and immune systems that may be mediated via endothelial cells. We have demonstrated that both monocytes and macrophages can invade the cerebrum *in vivo*during the first trimester of human gestation. Thus, it is possible that they may also invade the brain *in vitro*. The cells that invade the brain could be derived from precursors or from stem cells present in the cerebrum of the fetus and may represent the precursors of macrophages and microglia. Understanding how monocytes and macrophages traverse the endothelial lining of the brain, might provide clues as to how they penetrate the brain parenchyma.


SPC: single positive cells; GFAP: glial fibrillary acidic protein; GFAP-SPC: GFAP-positive single positive cells; GFAP-SMPC: GFAP-positive/SMNC: neuroglial stem cells.

Competing interests

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

Authors’ contributions

. –4200 Mar.

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