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WoMen© is an initiative to help women in a midlife crisis reignite their energy, regain their vitality & discover their fabulousness. We motivate them to turn their challenges into unique gifts and opportunities to grow and shine.

By the end of this 90-day program, you will be a renewed woman. You will be ready to live the next chapter of your life, strengthened, full of vitality, and energy to crush any obstacle or challenge that stands in your way. You will walk out mastering your health and your body, leading a fulfilling life, feeling more beautiful and youthful.

Here is a summary of your groundbreaking benefits:  

  • Identify obstacles to feeling your best (without the guilt!)
  • Address those obstacles using simple but sustainable strategies
  • Transform new behaviors into habits (be different without having to think about it)
  • Establish priorities, and take ownership of your health and beauty
  • Learn strategies to navigate menopause, so it doesn’t stop you from doing things you love.
  • You will build a strong mindset about yourself and your dreams, enabling you to embrace the leader that lives within.

Here is a list of the main components that make this program unique:

  • A welcome package to your door.
  • A 90-day Timeline to advance your objectives and achieve your outcomes.
  • The Gala – WoMen © Test Panel to establish a baseline at the beginning and document your progress at the end of the program.
  • 12 private sessions to guide you through evidence-based holistic health interventions.
  • FREE Access to a trustworthy application (Practice Better)
  • Workbooks, exercises recorded in audio, video, written materials, and tools to support your progress.
  • Supplements recommendations based on protocols validated by clinical research, and an exclusive 15% discount.
  • FREE 1-year subscription to The Fabulous Womens’ Network
  • FREE weekly easy recipes, FREE personal care packages, FREE physical activity library, and more!
  • Twenty-eight years of experience in health and total mastery of personal transformation at your service.

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