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How can I find a file in Sublime Text 2 using command line?

I am running sublime text 2 from a directory with many files. I want to find a file using a command line.


Sublime’s built-in command line has the Ctrl+P key combination to display the quick list of the currently available commands in that window, and then typing the first few letters of a file name will allow you to easily locate the files you want.

RED-eye effect

The term red-eye effect refers to an artifact that occurs when one or more subjects in a photograph have red eyes due to a failure in the exposure or shutter timing. It usually occurs as bright, reddish spots in the eyes of the subjects. The exact causes are unknown but in general are due to either the subject being too close to the camera and reflected light from the subject’s pupils causing a bright reflection off the retina or due to the subject blinking rapidly after exposure causing excessive light to be reflected back into the subject’s pupil. These artifacts are most commonly observed in low-light conditions and can be quite distracting.

The effect was first documented by Niigata City University professor Shibata Senjō in 1894 and was named by fellow professor Nagano Hiranai in 1901. It is also known as the red-eye phenomenon, red-eye syndrome, or simply red eyes, and is similar to the blue-eye effect, where bright blue pupil reflections are often observed and arise from light reflection off the iris.

The resulting distorted image was not fixed until the late 1950s, when Eadweard Muybridge created a stroboscopic sequence showing the reflection bouncing back and forth across the pupil, eventually compressing and disappearing from the camera’s view.

The image quality of the red-eye effect is

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